Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Instantly sharing all your files with McNucle v1.3. For all ages.

Hello out there,

do you have an elegant way of sharing pictures, movies, music and documents with friends and family? Are you tired of resizing your pictures before sending them through, or fed up with having to upload your data all the time? Getting phone calls from you parents that they don't seem to be able and access what you have shared? Sharing pictures through Flickr, movies through YouTube, documents through Skype or MSN....

As of today iNuron will be offering a practical and concrete solution for these problems: McNucle 1.3 (beta). With only 1 new, major feature, called WebSharing, added to the McNucle server, users can instantly share all the files they want, right off their desktop.

For those who have missed the McNucle so far: The McNucle server is a data server application offering remote access and data management functionality via a rich, intelligent browser, the Nucle Browser.

With the addition of the WebSharing functionality a number of features come to play:

1. Instant Sharing: since you are sharing data right off your desktop, and don't need to upload your data, whenever you decide to share a zone (folder), its contents will be instantly available.

2. Unlimited volumes: you can also share as much as you want, from whatever is available on your desktop or attached devices.

3. No software to install: people receiving webshares from you do not have to install any additional software themselves. They just use their genuine webbrowser to access your zone.

4. Optimized bandwidth consumption: viewers will not be starting to download all your content and consume all your bandwidth. We auto-generate thumbnails and previews in a micro website, so that viewers can validate content first before downloading.

5. No resizing of pictures: with large previews being generated by the McNucle server and offered in the WebSharing microsites, there is no need anymore to start resizing pictures yourself. These large previews are small enough in size, still giving the full experience of the picture itself.

6. For all ages: really, my parents know how to use this, my kids love to click through the microsites. They even starred in our demo video ;-)

Experience a sample of a microsite of an arbitrary zone here.

And if you would like to see our instruction tutorial with yet not so great audio quality (better coming soon), check it out here.

Hope you like our new approach... Feel free to give it a go!

Check out the release notes for more improvements and fixes in McNucle 1.3.



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