Tuesday, July 31, 2007

McNucle Public Beta: Serious Update

We just released a serious update to our McNucle v1.0 Public Beta! The update contains a good number of interesting new features and fixes. This is a preview of the most important ones:

1. Super-effective data searching with the Metadata Navigator (aka KeyBlocks)
The Metadata Navigator is an amplifying filtering mechanism, providing maximum efficiency when searching for data. A user navigates through his data set by selecting metadata relevant to the data in search.

Our KeyBlocks only show what is possible and update that with every step to achieve the most powerfull data search available today! Read more here...

2. Interesting usage statistics
In order to understand which parts of our applications are working, and which don't, we have integrated a statistics gaterhing mechanism in both McNucle server and Nucle Browser. The statistics are collected anonymously and include a number of config parameters (number of zones, number of users) and usage statistics for visual components (scope panel, shortcuts, desktops, keyblocks). The information will allow to tune our roadmap and improve our products. Important to you and us: the (anonymous) information is for internal purposes only and will not be sold to external parties. See also our Privacy Policy.

3. Browser starts up to 5 times faster!
The Browser startup sequence has been changed for the application to start in many cases about 5 times faster. The verification of zones being available is now done once the application is launched.

4. McNucle server runs on any port
The McNucle server runs by default on port 12000. In case of conflict on port 12000, this port can now be changed to any port of the user's choice. The configured port is automatically opened on the firewall if UPnP is enabled. In other cases, the user needs to open this port manually.

5. Complete install on port 80
The iNuron Registrar now listens on port 80 for the entire installation procedure. This will allow almost all people to succesfully install the Nucle Browser, and eventually the McNucle server. Even when behind a closed or corporate firewall...

6. Update mechanism
The new upgrade mechanism allows both the Nucle Browser and the McNucle server software to upgrade themselves. From now on you won't have to reinstall the software to get the latest version. All settings (zones and users) will be preserved. This is not yet the case for the upgrade to this release. Find out how to upgrade to the latest version of our software on our product portal.

There's a couple more fixes and features listed in the Release Notes of this Serious Update n°1.

Hope you like it! Give us your feedback on our forum... replies guaranteed.

Kind regards,

the iNuron team


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