Monday, June 18, 2007

Privacy and security

We (partly) started building this application because we wanted to do the things you can do with online storage/sharing services, without having to worry about our data not being save and private. None of us was willing to use an online storage/sharing service in combination with private data like family pictures or medical records.. Let me briefly explain how our software works to assure you that you can use our software without the risk of exposing your data:

To enable you to connect to your Mac over the internet you need to know the IP-address that is assigned to it. The McNucle server registers your Mac's IP address to iNuron's 'registrar' and keeps it up to date whenever your IP-address changes. When you start the Nucle Browser it contacts iNuron's 'registar' to find out what your Mac's current IP-address is. The Nucle Browser and McNucle server then set up an encrypted end-to-end tunnel based on SSL. All communications and data transfer goes through this tunnel. Non of your data ever passes through our servers or is stored on our servers.

Others wonder if the use of a McNucle server opens up their system to possible threats. We can reassure you. The only thing the McNucle server does is open 1 port on your firewall (port 12000). This is similar to what other services like for instance peer-to-peer networks do.




Blogger Amr M. Kamel said...

Continuing on privacy beside all the valuable info Maarten had mentioned, Not every one can connect to your McNucle server only the intended people you want to share the data with, you can accomplish this by sending invitations to those people, each invitation is assigned to only one person and can only be used once "when activating the shared zone" and after that it is consumed "ca not be used by other person to get unauthorized access to your zone"..

Amr M. Kamel

June 19, 2007 8:34 AM  
Anonymous Maarten said...

Indeed Amr, I should have mentioned that. By default all your data in the McNucle is private, you only share data with someone if you explicitly choose to invite him/her to a certain part of your dataset.

kind regards,


June 19, 2007 10:41 AM  

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