Monday, November 05, 2007

Enable internet access to your McNucle Server: troubleshooting


The main purpose of your McNucle server is to make your data available to you and your friends over the internet. To make this possible the correct settings have to be made on your Mac and your internet connection.

In most setups our solution works 'out of the box' and the settings are done automatically but unfortunately this isn't always the case...

Therefore we have put together a troubleshooting page that should allow anyone to enable internet access to his/her McNucle Server. You can use this page as a test to check if your server will be available, or you can use it to solve a problem you encounter.

You can find the troubleshooter here

We've also added a schematic overview of the mechanism we use to enable internet access. You don't have to understand this mechanism to use the McNucle Server but it can certainly help you solving an eventual problem.

You can find the overview here

Offcourse you can as always turn to our forum for help:

Have fun with it!

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