Tuesday, July 03, 2007

100% privacy guaranteed

We dealt with privacy briefly in this previous post, but I wanted to come back on it, since I believe it is crucial to quite a number of our (potential) customers.

It is just that in times like these where we are all in love with web 2.0 services and uploading files at incredible speeds and amounts, people tend to forget about how private files are to them. Or they don't, but then have no way of sharing those files with family or friends.

We built our McNucle server to help in these cases. Privacy to us is crucial (as is providing an answer to your heavy upload consumption in web 2.0 services) and we would not compromise that what makes our solution so valuable: the 100% privacy guaranteed.

We do this by having the Nucle Browser and McNucle server connect over an end-to-end encrypted SSL tunnel. Off course, if you are on the internet, we need to offer a way for your Nucle Browser to find your McNucle server at home. Many people have dynamic IP addresses at home and regularly loose contact with their home network. To avoid this, we have our McNucle servers registar at iNuron, so that when your Nucle Browser comes and asks us where your McNucle server is, we can hand him your latest IP. Very similar to DNS really. And after this negotiation, the Nucle Browser and McNucle server communicate directly with each other...

Anyway, have a look at this comprehensive picture/animation. If there are questions, shoot..



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