Monday, June 11, 2007

Cheap Storage, now what ?

Last weekend, I bought myself a 500GB harddisk. Heck, I pay less than 30 ct/GB while two years ago, I had something 1 euro/GB as a rule of thumb. So the prices are dropping fast and it seems this is merely the beginning.

Be that as it may, I feel that my habits are changing too. I'm like a hamster. I never delete stuff from my harddisk, and I can hardly bring myself to categorize the things I put in there, so I end up with a lot of "Downloads", "ToDo" and "CleanUpLater" folders.

So, with my storage problems solved by the Lacies and Buffalos of this world, I should be one happy geek, but alas, that's not the case. "Mo' storage, Mo' worries" it seems.

Now, I face 2 other problems: I can't find my stuff anymore, and I can't always get my stuff when I'm not at home. I tried multiple solutions, most of them based on ssh to connect to my home machine and locate, beagle or spotlight to locate my stuff, and then a later secure copy to get it where I am. The problem is that this approach only brings me limited results. For example, some time ago, I was at a party talking about the pyramids in Giza and I was bragging about this picture were I'm almost picking up one of them. Of course, I was unable to produce it fast enough.

I have progressed a bit since my earliest attempts: What I need to do is put my pictures in a zone, and tag them be it briefly. Browsing around with the Nucle Browser, I can quickly locate my stuff, and verify if this is what I wanted.

Ok, great, but I'm not there yet: not everybody has good bandwidth, so I might be able to locate what I want, but downloading my favourite movie (3.9GB) to where I am is not always feasible. I need bigger pipes! Everybody needs bigger pipes! But seen the evolution of file sizes, and comparing that to the evolution of bandwidth, I think it's only going to get worse.

Anyway, as closer I just want to stress, that I am a happy geek most of the time, but that has other reasons: I'm one of the lucky few that can work in a company where they try to solve one of my personal problems. Somehow, that's compensation for all the long hours we put in here @ Inuron.

have fun,


should add the Giza pyramid picture here, but it's at home, on my other machine ;)



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