Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back to my Mac? Not after you tried the McNucle!

Like many of you, we also took a look (with special interest) at last Monday's WWDC keynote session. And our eyes fell on one particular new feature announced for Leopard: Back to My Mac! Anybody who knows what our McNucle does, can see that this feature has a number of commonalities with our product (for those of you who don't, feel free to get a grip on it at Now, what most people asked me the past 24 hours are obviously the differences. I'll offer you the most important ones below...

Full Support for remote Macintosh and Windows users!
Back to My Mac is only providing support for Mac clients to connect to your Mac at home. The Nucle Browser is identical and full functional on Mac and Windows (handy for people like me who use both platforms regularly).

Finegrained authorization!
The McNucle server offers you the ability to easily create users, and share on a folder level. You can grant finegrained access rights for each folder and each user on three levels: read data, write data and edit metadata. It seems that with a .Mac account, you can grant rights only on a read-write level per system.

Remote administration!
Within our Finder application, i.e. the Nucle Browser, you can administer your McNucle server completely, check out its status, connected users, etcetera... and all that is available at any location, even remote!

Our Finder is a real Metadata Editor!
Apart from offering the capability of searching your data based on metadata, our Nucle Browser offers you at one go the ability to preview the objects ànd to edit the metadata attached to it. On top of that we offer tools (desktops, metadata editting of multiple items, ...) that make metanization a piece of cake. We believe this is the minimum for people to make the jump to a personal, metadata managed dataset.

McNucle is FREE!
Our McNucle v1.0 is freeware at your convenience. The required .Mac account to enable the "Back to My Mac" functionality sadly enough is not with a basic account that is currently available at 99,95$ per year.

McNucle is available today!
Leopard is due to come out in October. Our McNucle offers so much more and is available today! No need to be patient, just download it here...

And there is more to come!?
Well, with Leopard on its way by October of this year, we still have some great plans in the meanwhile. We'll keep you posted via this channel/blog. Hope to see you here more often!

Kind regards,
Jorre Belpaire


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