Sunday, September 09, 2007

Listening to our users: Serious Update 2

Ha, we all love to say we listen to our users, but that most often doesn't show obvious from the software. In this case I believe we can say this second serious update is all about listening to our users, i.e. solving their problems...

We have prepared a first makeover of the user interface ànd fixed a couple of important issues.

The user interface update is mainly a reshuffling of the top buttons, but we also added a couple new ones. These will allow the user to invite people to share data, ànd to add new folders or volumes as zones. Quick and easy. For more advanced stuff, the management GUI remains your friend.

The fixes we included are solving less obvious situations, but those people who love to experiment with the software may have run at least into one of them... You can find the details of the fixes in the release notes.

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